Spirit Paths™: Related Programs
Spirit Paths™: The Quest For Authenticity is the core program, setting the structural standard for learning. It integrates participatory didactic presentation, group exercises, and daily practices. In that way, the program is much more than a series of educational workshops. This same structure has been applied to two related workshop series.

The Shaman's Journey
January and February
This series was developed for those new to shamanic practice. It presents basic practices and principles that are foundational for the Spirit Paths program. However, they are also valuable practices that can be applied to everyday life, as well. As such, the series can be taken as a stand-alone program.

This series of workshops presents and experientially explores the essence of the shamanic path. You will gain an awareness of the principles and practices so that you can decide how they best can be integrated into your everyday life.
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The Path of the Mystic
September and October
While Spirit Paths: The Quest For Authenticity lays the foundation, Path of the Mystic takes the next step. The workshop series was designed and developed for graduates of the main program, taking the learnings and experiences deeper into exploration of the fundamentals of awareness and manifestation.

The series examines experientially how shamanic principles and the shamanic worldview are supported by the growing body of research in quantum science.
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About the Facilitator  

Gerry Starnes, M.Ed., originator of the Spirit Paths™ program in 2008, began his practice in the mid-1970s, using both psychological and medical treatment models. Finding the results of these modalities limited, he began a 20-year journey through energy healing and other alternative methods of healing.

In the 1990s he encountered shamanism and found it to be the most powerful methodology for healing in all the realms. As a contemporary shamanic practitioner, he now offers group and individual sessions, holds regular classes, and presents a variety of workshops in Texas. He is a Founding Member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners.

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