Spirit Paths™: Testimonials and Comments From Past Participants
Here are a few of the many comments received from past participants about their experience with the Spirit Paths™ program. Of course, no one encounters the program in the same way as anyone else. You will find though, that what you get from the program reflects your own commitment and participation.

As a graduate of the Spirit Paths program I am happy and inspired to share my experience with others. The focus of this intensive workshop series is to embark on the journey to find your authentic self through the incorporation of Shamanic practices and other practical guides for self- exploration. The facilitators draw from their extensive knowledge of the tenets of Shamanic beliefs and from their personal quests for authenticity. This workshop is for anyone and everyone. You do not need to be a broken spirit or in need of healing. You will gain insights to the authentic you.  Everyone can do this work and all can benefit. You will uncover years of dysfunctional scripts/templates for living. Challenge well-intentioned but critical parental messages from childhood. You will have the opportunity through experiential exercises to reset/reboot yourself to make significant and real changes in the way you think about yourself, your friends and your family. As the facilitators say, before you embark on this journey, know that it will change your life, so be ready for the transformation. This workshop provides the participant with a toolbox for personal and spiritual development.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to discover through the weekly Journey Circles and other related workshops and events. The seed has been planted, will you grow?
      — Julie

Another thing I want to say is that everyday I think about what I learned in spirit paths. Everyday, being authentic comes up and I think of the chapters of your book and the other book we used about commitments. Being authentic is very important and will always be a big part of my journey on this earth. And I am thankful to you and the beautiful book you wrote, and the wonderful program you put together for us all.
      — Marlene

Spirit Paths showed me a new view of the world around me. I discovered for myself a journey that I can authentically travel, that is based on my own strengths, beliefs, wishes and prayer. We each go through life with an unconscious belief that we cannot be authentic, and that we must always live our life hanging on the whim of others. We also unfairly judge ourselves negatively as we become caught in abusive relationships and addictions - and so are in a constant state of self-criticism. Gerry's Spirit Paths program offers an alternate path to take - one that lets us choose our own way to be. Through this program and with continued Shamanic practice, I am evolving into someone with a much healthier and engaging view of this wonderful living universe. Thank you Gerry for this gift, it is a blessing to me.
      — Nate

I'd hit the "seeker's wall" before Shamanism, Spirit Paths, and Gerry came into my life. Luckily, I'd learned enough up until that point to follow inspiration and commit to the Shaman's Journey and Spirit Paths programs. My stated goal at the time was to deepen my understanding of Shamanism and my relationship to the concepts and beliefs. I did that and so much more.
     I gained a Spirit Paths tribe whose members are strong, loving and recognize in me what I recognize in them–beautiful, vulnerable spirits on a journey. I gained confidence in my ability to unapologetically identify, utilize and celebrate those practices and concepts that are right for me and that honor my spirit. Now, whatever happens, at my core, I know I can rest in the knowledge that my spirit knows what's best, and I just need to loosen my grip and breathe...and, of course, love!
      — B. Nelson

It is hard to put into words the impact that the Spirit Paths program has had on my life. This process was truly “Life Changing”.
      I have spent my life seeking and longing for a connection to Spirit and Community. However, in reaction to life experiences, I had erected a barrier to protect myself. The hard shell, in which I had encased my self and my soul, prevented the very connections I longed for. After a couple of years working with Gerry in circles and workshops, there were a multitude of cracks appearing in my shell. Spirit Paths knocked big holes in my shell, and the pure light of Spirit started to pour in. Spirit’s light is now reflected in everything I see and experience every day. It is amazing how different the world looks.
     Gerry is a powerful healer, and a Spirit-led teacher. One of the things that resonated strongly with me was his repeated instruction to take from his words the things that had purpose for us, and to discard the ones that did not. I am sure that each one present took away different gifts, designed by Spirit to meet his/her individual needs.
      The connection and sense of community which evolved among the members of the group was, and continues to be, a powerful source of support and learning. I feel so blessed to have these fellow travelers to accompany me on my journey.
      This is not academic learning of the mind; but experiential learning of the heart, soul and spirit. I had never given myself a gift like this – something that I thought was just for me. I actually felt a bit guilty about spending the time and money on something so apparently self-centered. But seeing where (and who) I am now, I realize how much better equipped I am to give back to my family, friends and community. I have so many more gifts to share than I had any idea were buried within.
      Spirit Paths is beautiful gift to yourself and those that you support.
      — Theresa Pittman

The Shamanic Paths Initiation Journey opened and healed parts of my being that had been closed or neglected for years. It brought a deeper level of clarity and integrity to my choices and my actions. Gerry's gentle yet powerful approach has a way of moving you beyond obstacles with deep love and respect. What you gain through this Circle become tools for a lifetime.
      — C. Zuniga

This is no doubt a life changing program. An arena rich in spirit, community, experience and guidance.
      — Carrie

Spirit Paths will move you out of your comfort zone. Where that new place is depends upon your ability to listen to Spirit. Gerry is a compassionate leader who creates sacred space for healing, learning, and listening. My life has been changed because of this course. I recommend it to you because you want to learn to listen and create the life you are meant to live.
       Thanks to Gerry’s guidance and his commitment to share his knowledge, I’m feeling today more equipped to watch, smile and let go of my shortcomings, and foster a very personal relationship with Spirit. In the last 5 months, Gerry has skillfully promoted this empowering process in a deep respect for each individual’s growing pace. I’m very thankful for this work.
      — Chris M-E

Spirit Paths is an engaging, empowering journey for a number of reasons. One is the close-knit, respectful community we are constantly creating (on many levels), another reason the hands-on learning, experiencing, doing, and letting be done in the gathering of tools, ideas, and information. Most empowering, for me, is that I am constantly healing myself and learning new ways to do so. One of the underlying approaches to shamanic practice in this context is that we all have the power and ability to heal ourselves and that we each do that in unique ways. I have learned that we do have that power, especially when we seek guidance and give ourselves the space to heal and learn. Spirit Paths is an integral piece of my own journey back to wholeness and I look forward to continuing to walk the path and to see what unfolds.
      — Casey

Following the path of a shamanic practitioner into the realm of a healer with practical hands on experience is combining all of the knowledge gained in reading, practice, participation in circles, the mentoring of a skilled healer and connection with spirit, to bring about a way of life that not only benefits ones self but benefits the community. Spirit Paths provides the environment to learn, share, experience and grow in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. It is truly life changing!
      — Wayne

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