The Shaman's Journey™ Workshop Series
The shamanic experience is a global way of understanding the world and working with Spirit – a world view that is closely connected to the Earth and wisdom of the ancestors. Shamanic practices have been developed over several thousands of years and are as relevant to contemporary society as they have ever been in history.

This series of workshops presents and experientially explores the essence of the shamanic path. You will gain an awareness of the principles and practices so that you can decide how they best can be integrated into your everyday life.

This program is for those new to contemporary shamanic practice, as well as for the more experienced practitioner who wants to return to the root and take it deeper. It is an excellent preparation for the Spirit Paths™ program that begins in March!
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January/February 2017
A Spirit Paths™ Experience
January 14 ~ 1 to 5 pm
January 21 ~ 1 to 5 pm
February 4 ~ 1 to 5 pm
February 18 ~ 1 to 5 pm

Shamanic Passages
Group Room
3004 S. 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704

$160 until January 10
$190 after January 10

Registration is closed for 2017.

What To Bring With You
You will be experiencing journeys and guided imagery meditations, so you want to be as comfortable as possible. Backjacks, pillows, and some chairs are available, but you might want to bring your own items, such as:
 • Journal or notebook
 • Bandanna or eye covering
 • Pillow if desired


Program Description

In this workshop series you will learn about and experience:

Workshop One: The Basics
• What is a Shaman?
• The Shamanic Worldview
• Entering Non-ordinary Reality
• Rhythm and Physiology
• The Shamanic Journey
• Spirit Guides and Teachers
• Honoring

Workshop Two: Working with Spirit Guides
• Power Animals and Totems
• Finding Your Totem

Workshop Three: The Power of Ritual
• Setting the Sacred Container
• Creating Altars and Fetishes
• The Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions
• The Right Use of Power

Workshop Four: Shamanic Healing
• Shamanic Healing for Power and Health
• Reclaiming and Maintaining Power and Vitality
• Curses and Soul Loss

Each workshop can be taken separately, however it is strongly recommended that you participate in the whole series for the best learning experience.

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